Study Notebook

The Characters Study Notebook

The Characters in ARK Zoology carry with them a notebook to record the animals they see in the wild, it records your progress and  study toward the Master of ZoologPlayer Notebooky Diploma.

As you see new and interesting creatures they get added into your notebook (as with study there is a time delay simulating the player taking in what they have seen and entering it into their notebook).  These creatures are recorded in the order you discover them.

To access the notebook press the F3 key on your keyboard, the Left and Right arrows (or PageUp and PageDown) to change pages.  The Home and End keys will take you to the first and last pages respectively.  The ESC key will close the notebook.

When you first stumble upon a new animal and you do not know what it is the notebook will record a temporary placeholder name for it. If it is a creature you are unable to currently study the number of them seen will always be zero. For creatures you can actually study you will record their numbers and the number of young.

Once you have gained knowledge of the animal the placeholder name will be replaced with the correct name.

Coming Soon Features

The notes the character records will be more varied, and contain useful information along the lines of “I really think I need to see more of the young ones in the wild” or “Maybe I should see if I can find a nest of these?” among others.