Server Install


Please read the entire page, if you do not follow all the instructions here Zoology will probably not work correctly and it will ruin the experience for you and your players.

Server install is the same as any other mod you are using, the MOD ID is 1114735444.


Zoology is a core mod and as such it needs to be the first mod in your load order.  It will not function correctly if any other mod is loaded before Zoology.

First Run Setup

The dino culling feature has been removed temporarily, please do a Wild Dino Wipe on your server after installing the Zoology mod.

Example of Tribe Settings for Dino Taming

Tribe Settings For Dino Taming

The default tribe settings for ARK are not suitable for Zoology.  Tribes need to allow players to have Personal Taming for Zoology to work.  If this is not set then the players can not receive the free gift engrams they need to learn about the animals of the ark.

In addition to this the original player that tames an animal can receive benefits above those of other players the animal may associate with, but only if this is set correctly.

Existing Server Worlds

While Zoology will work with existing saved games your players will get the most out of it if starting on a new freshly wiped server.

If you are going to use Zoology with an existing world be sure to make a backup and be aware that players existing pets will not gain any of the new features that Zoology adds to the animals of the ARK.

Server Logs

It is recommended to turn on server logs when using Zoology for tracking down problems that arise.  To do so add these two options to your server startup command.

-servergamelog -servergamelogincludetribelogs