Pet Loyalty

Loyalty Calculations

A tamed pet will develop loyalty to any player that comes near it for more than 7 seconds. Every Dino has a base loyalty between 0% and 100% (150% towards the player that tamed them) that affects loyalty calculations.

Each animal has it’s own ‘trustiness’.  An animal that is more trusting will become loyal quicker than a less trusting animal.

Each species has a tendency to be more or less trusting with variations between individuals of the species.  Two animals of the same species will not have the same behaviour but will be similar. Some of the animals will be at the extreme edges of trustiness.

Players can spend time with an animal and this time is recorded if it is more than 7 seconds the animals loyalty is recalculated. Even members of other tribes get a loyalty rating if they hang around your pets.

Emotional Stability

When you go away your pets notice and loyalty is lost.  This loss is calculated on the number of seconds since your last serious interaction with the animal.  An absence of less than 1 hour is ignored, after this the loyalty loss is calculated to a maximum of 96 hours (4 days) giving a maximum loss of 10% of the current loyalty (2.5% per day).

The amount of loss can be reduced by up to 50% if the animal has an emotionally stable personality, but this should not be relied upon.

Harming Your Pets

When you cause harm to your pets the damage is taken as a percentage of maximum health, and applied as loyalty percentage lost. The amount of the los is clamped to a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 25% at any one time.

So even a punch to a Bronto will cause a 5% loss of loyalty, not for the amount of physical harm done, but the emotional pain the Dino feels. Punch them twice in a row and it is 10%.

Punching an animal from another tribe will have twice the effect, 10% per event.

Treat them with respect and love.

Loyalty Indicators

Your pets will show a loyalty indicator icon above their name tags.  Grey is no loyalty, Then the progression is left to right. (Only the player that tamed the animal can get maximum loyalty).

Loyalty and Riders

Actions and abilities are affected by loyalty to players.  When ridden all these are calculated based on the loyalty to the current rider, the rider takes first place in the pets thoughts.

When not ridden they look at the players around them (upto 10 foundations) and strive to impress the player they feel the most loyalty to.  Calculated individually for different actions and abilities. It is possible an animal will try to impress one player by showing how strong they are (weight carrying ability) and another by how much rock they can smash (working ability) at the same time.

  • Speed
    The pets maximum speed (uninjured) is increased when they have loyalty to a player near them.  They will take the values of the player they feel the most loyal toward unless they’re being ridden where they use loyalty to the rider.
  • Stamina
    If the animal is of the scout or flying category and the rider has the appropriate engram stamina decrease from activity will be reduced based on the animals and riders familiarity with each other.  Here Zoology is using the loyalty stat as substitute for familiarity.