Other Dino Mods

Complementary Dino Mods

Zoology alters and changes almost every animal in the ARK.  As a result of this most other dino mods are not compatible with Zoology.

The following mods are known to work well with Zoology so long as Zoology is the first mod in the load order.  This list is not complete and just becasue a mod is not listed does not mean it will not work, just that I havn’t tested it myself yet.


Saddle Emporium

The Saddle Emporium by Nivea


Dino Patrol

Dino Patrol by Grebog lets you plan a patrol route with waypoints for your Dino’s


Scorched Phoenix Tears

Collect tears from your Phoenix to use as a powerful healing agent.


Scorched Phoenix Tears

Iguanodon Seed Trainer

Train your Iguanodon to be a seed daemon.


 Iguanodon Seed Trainer

Call of the Wild

Fight off challenging waves of dinos as they attack your base.


 Call of the Wild