INI Settings

Current INI Settings

These are the INI settings and the default values. They need to be set in the GameUserSettings.ini file.

For single player the path may vary depending on where the game is installed, for example mine is in the D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor folder.

For server admins I hope you already know where to find this file 🙂

The block header is [Zoology], the INI settings and there default values and a brief description is listed below.

  • DebugMode=False
    When set to True this enables some debug visuals
  • LogLevel=Error
    Defines the amount of information logged to the server log. Options are Off, Error, Info and Debug. Defaults to Error which will only log errors. Info might be a more useful setting for server admins.
  • HungerDelay=180
    Number of seconds before hunger increases to the next point. All dinos check their hunger this many seconds, but they are all staggered so as to not swamp the severs by all checking at the same time. Only dinos not in stasis will make a hunger check.
  • HungerRangeBonus=10
    A number to add to the minimum range. With a HungerRangeBonus of 10 a Dino at 100% hunger will be scanning in a radius 164% the area of a vanilla Dino. A HungerRangeBonus of 1 will reduce this to a radius 108% of a normal Dino. But a value of 20 will result in a radius 262% of a vanilla Dino, and probably some vomit inducing lag.
  • MinScanRange=0.25
    A multiplier for the minimum distance the dino’s will look for food when at minimum hunger. Defaults to 25% of the vanilla dino’s range.
  • BabyDinoPercent=0.2
    This is a number between 0 and 1, 1 = 100%, 0.5 = 50% etc… It sets the percentage of animals that spawn as babies, Default is 20%
  • MaxBabyLevel=50
    Baby dino’s will not spawn with a level greater than this
  • SpottingDifficulty=5.0
    Changes minimum number of seconds a player needs to spend watching or spotting dinos for it to count as study time. Default is 5 seconds.
  • DoNotClearDinos=0
    Destroys all Non-Zoology wild dinos at server or game startup (tames will not be destroyed).  Set to 1 to disable and leave other dinos on the server. Temporarily disabled this feature
  • HideCanStudyIcon=False
    If set to True prevents the study magnifying glass icon from showing
  • HideCanNotStudyIcon=False
    If set to True prevents the study red circle and cross icon from showing
  • DoNotMindWipeZoology=False
    If set to True prevents mind wipe tonic from erasing a players Zoology knowledge.  The default behaviour is to wipe this knowledge as well as the engrams.
  • OP_Scale=1
    It is not recommended to change this value.
    This is a multiplier for some settings and features of Zoology.  Currently it is clamped to a range of 0.1-3.0.  Default of 1 is the standard Zoology setting, 2 would double the effects (eg: Loyalty would increase twice as fast, and be reduced twice as fast) and 0.5 would halve them.
  • FlyerMaxWeight=1
    Sets the maximum weight a flyer can carry and still be able to carry a rider.  It is a percentage of the Animals max weight stat, so 0.5 = 50% of max weight.  Applies to all ride-able flyers except the Gryphon and Wyvern.
  • FightFlightMultiplier=1
    Multiplies the dinos fight or flight scan radius.  Allowed value range is 0.1 – 5.0.  The larger this number the greater the load on your servers CPU.  One is the recommended value for this setting.


Sample ini setting block