The following tables contains spoiler information, it is recommended to not use this but rather just play the game, survive, build and watch.  Eventually your character will simply learn as they go about the business of surviving.

Baby view time percent is a percent of the total required view time for a species, so if the species requires 60 seconds in total, and the baby view percent is 50% then it will require 30 seconds of baby view time. In that scenario if you have 50 seconds of adult study, you will need an additional 30 seconds of pure baby research taking the species total to 80 seconds.  However if you have 20 seconds of adult study and 30 seconds of baby study you simply need 10 more seconds of study of either baby or adults of the species.


The SpeciesNeeds This Engram to StudyMust Know This Species FirstRequired for KnowledgeRequired View Time for Species (total Seconds)Requires Baby View TimeBaby View Time Percent
AchatinaDiploma of Zoology230N
AllosaurusDiploma of Intermediate ZoologyRaptor8220Y50%
AnglerDiploma of Zoology445N
AnkylosaurusDiploma of Intermediate Zoology6120Y50%
AraneoDiploma of Zoology6100N
ArgentavisDiploma of Intermediate OrnithologyPtero890Y25%
BaryonyxDiploma of Zoology760Y50%
BasilosaurusDiploma of Marine Biology460Y30%
BeelzebufoDiploma of Zoology8110Y30%
BrontosaurusDiploma of Intermediate ZoologyDiplodocus8200Y50%
CarbonemysDiploma of Zoology6120Y50%
CarnotaurusDiploma of Intermediate ZoologyRaptor8210Y50%
CastoroidesDiploma of Zoology6240Y50%
ChalicotheriumDiploma of Intermediate Zoology8240Y50%
DaeodonDiploma of Intermediate Zoology460Y50%
DimetrodonDiploma of Zoology490Y50%
DiplocaulusDiploma of Marine Biology460Y50%
DiplodocusDiploma of ZoologyLystro8200Y50%
DirebearDiploma of Intermediate Zoology8200Y50%
Direbear PolarDiploma of Intermediate Zoology8200Y50%
DirewolfDiploma of Zoology6240Y25%
DoedicurusDiploma of Zoology4120Y50%
Dung Beetle840N
DunkleosteusDiploma of Intermediate Marine Biology4160Y10%
EquusDiploma of ZoologyPara5240Y50%
GallimimusDiploma of ZoologyPara6240Y50%
GiganotosaurusCertificate of Giganotosaurus HusbandryRex4400Y10%
GigantopithecusDiploma of Zoology4180Y50%
HesperornisDiploma of Zoology4120Y50%
HyaenodonDiploma of Intermediate ZoologyDirewolf6240Y25%
IchthyDiploma of Marine Biology4120Y50%
IguanodonDiploma of Zoology5150Y30%
KairukuDiploma of Intermediate Zoology5150Y50%
KaprosuchusDiploma of Marine Biology4230Y30%
KentrosaurusDiploma of Intermediate Zoology6240Y40%
LymantriaDiploma of Ornithology6180Y50%
LystrosaurusDiploma of Zoology5180Y50%
MammothDiploma of Intermediate Zoology4240Y30%
MantaDiploma of Intermediate Marine BiologyMegladon6300Y50%
MantisDiploma of Intermediate ZoologyScorpion8320Y30%
MegalaniaDiploma of Intermediate ZoologyLystro3180N
MegalocerosDiploma of Zoology6240Y50%
MegalodonDiploma of Marine Biology6270Y35%
MegalosaurusDiploma of Intermediate Zoology5240Y20%
MegatheriumDiploma of Intermediate Zoology3270Y20%
MicroraptorDiploma of Zoology5150Y50%
MorellatopsDiploma of Zoology4180Y25%
MosasaurusCertificate of Mosasaurus HusbandryPlesiosaur4300Y20%
MoschopsDiploma of Intermediate ZoologyLystro6180Y50%
OnycDimloma of Intermediate Ornithology4240Y20%
OviraptorDiploma of Zoology5200Y30%
OvisDiploma of Zoology4120Y50%
PachyDiploma of Zoology4160Y50%
PachyrhinosaurusDiploma of Zoology5160Y50%
ParacerDiploma of Intermediate Zoology6180Y50%
ParasaurDiploma of Zoology5150Y50%
PelagornisDiploma of Ornithology6180Y25%
PhiomiaDiploma of Zoology460Y50%
PlesiosaurDiploma of Intermediate Marine Biology6240Y30%
ProcoptodonDiploma of Intermediate Zoology4180Y25%
PteranodonDiploma of Ornithology8300Y50%
PulmonoscorpiusDiploma of Zoology6280Y50%
PurloviaDiploma of Intermediate Zoology6320Y50%
Purlovia PolarDiploma of Intermediate ZoologyPurlovia3180Y50%
QuetzalDimloma of Intermediate OrnithologyPtero2300N
RaptorDiploma of ZoologyDilo4240Y30%
RexCertificate of Tyrannosaurus Rex HusbandryRaptor6320Y35%
Rock GolemDiploma of Golem Geology4180N
SabertoothDiploma of Intermediate Zoology6260Y50%
SarcoDiploma of Intermediate Zoology4240Y30%
SpinosaurCertificate of Spinosaurus HusbandryRaptor6280Y50%
StegosaurusDiploma of Zoology6160Y50%
TapejaraDimloma of Intermediate Ornithology6240Y30%
Terror BirdDimloma of Intermediate OrnithologyDodo6280Y50%
TherizinosaurusDiploma of Intermediate Zoology4190Y40%
Thorny DragonDiploma of Intermediate Zoology5200Y50%
ThylacoleoDiploma of Intermediate ZoologySabertooth6270Y35%
TitanoboaDiploma of Zoology4190Y50%
TitanosaurCertificate of Titanosaur Husbandry1240N
TriceratopsDiploma of Zoology4150Y50%
TroodonDiploma of Zoology6150Y50%
TusoteuthisCertificate of Tusoteuthis Husbandry2350N
UnicornDiploma of Intermediate ZoologyEquus1300N
Woolly RhinocerosDiploma of Intermediate Zoology6250Y50%
Wyvern FireCertificate of Wyvern Husbandry8450Y30%
Wyvern LightningCertificate of Wyvern Husbandry8450Y30%
Wyvern PoisonCertificate of Wyvern Husbandry8450Y30%
YutyrannusCertificate of Yutyrannus Husbandry6320Y20%