Zoology – An ARK Survival Evolved Mod

An Example of the Certificates players can earn in Zoology

What is Zoology?

Zoology is a mod that changes how Dinos act and behave, how they interact with players and other dinos, and adds a layer of in-game discovery based partially on the games fictional Dossier creator, Helena.

Like Helena you will study the creatures that roam the ARK, gain knowledge from your study.  Then use that knowledge to live a better life on the ARK. With that knowledge you will gain additional bonuses for your pets as you learn the Zoology Engrams, learn the Certificate in Beasts of Burden Husbandry and you will be able to increases your pet’s weight carrying ability.  Learn the Certificate of Predatory Animal Husbandry to train your pets to hunt. Learn them all or just the ones you need.

If you have not already installed Zoology you can install it from here on steam.

The Concept

When creating Zoology the idea was to take the concept of learning engrams to create items and apply it to the animals of the ARK. Players will learn about the creatures in the environment as part of their survival.  You will not just walk up to a creature and whack it over the head.

Players would notice the animals and learn by studying them.  They would then tame them passively with food and not violence.  This concept evolved, pets need to be loved and respected, they appreciate your time, they miss you when you are gone, and their feelings are hurt when you harm them or neglect them.

Zoology is an evolving mod, to keep up with it’s evolution check here and follow on twitter.

What does Zoology do?

Zoology brings behavioral change and emotional baggage to the ARK.  Dinos, wild and tamed, have level of morale and can suffer from stress, are intelligent.  Intelligent enough (some of them) to flee from their predators, and predators will only hunt when hungry.

Zoology changes the core game.  It changes the behavior of wild creatures. Animals have varied stats, varied speed and oxygen, varied weight limits. Animals now only eat when they are hungry, or you get too close. The well fed Rex is a relaxed Rex.  Animals also only attack and feed on certain other animals , they have a food chain that they follow.  Animal’s speed (both for tamed pets and wild animals) is reduced while injured, or torpid.

It includes a system of engrams (diplomas and certificates in Zoology) that players must learn in order to tame pets, and once tamed may be used to gain additional benefits and bonuses for your pet’s abilities. You can not just wander in the wilderness and bash a Dino over the head to earn life long loyalty.  The young can be tamed (for most this is passive taming), the adults are mentally and emotionally set in stone, they will not accept you as their leader.

Before you can tame a creature you need study and gain knowledge of them. You do this by getting close and watching the creatures you discover.  More often than not you will need to study several animals at different stages of development.


This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

It is expressly forbidden to use the Zoology mod on any server offering any form of “pay to win” service to it’s players. If you are unsure if your server is “pay to win” then it probably is.